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Consultation Services

I provide private practice consulting by phone, email, and on-site with coaches and mental health providers to bring powerful, personalized support for all aspects of private practice development. All consultations are tailored to your specific needs because every therapist and every practice is unique.
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On-site/Phone Consultation only 50-minute on-site/phone conversations in which you will discuss your ongoing projects, goals and action plans and develop concrete strategies to achieve your practice vision.

On-site/Phone Consultations & Email support:  Consultations as above plus email support between conversations to provide structure, momentum and feedback as you work through the action plan you develop and discuss in your consultations.

Consultation Package 1:   Monthly Conversation & Email Package - $300 per month, which includes two (2) 50-minute conversations (on-site or phone) and email support between calls

Consultation Package 2:   Three-Month Phone & Email Package - $750, includes two (2) 50-minute conversations (on-site or phone) and email support between calls each month for three (3) months (your best value)

As-Needed Consultations:   $125 per 50-minute call

Other Services - Fees available upon request
Denise DeNicolo
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Consultation Package 1
Consultation Package 2
As-Needed Consultation
Consultations are paid and scheduled in advance.