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Substance Abuse Workbooks
For Adults and Adolescents

These workbooks are designed to help individuals learn about substance abuse. Each chapter has activities to help determine to what extent alcohol and other drugs have impacted their lives, and to give them the tools to help them make better choices.

"FIRST STEP TO BETTER CHOICES" is the adolescent version: perfect for counselors, teachers, parents and other practitioners. The activities included in this workbook can be used with the individual adolescent or with groups.

ISBN: 978-1533540683 
Soft Cover: 168 pages

"BETTER CHOICES TO SOBRIETY" is the adult version: perfect for counselors and other practitioners. The activities included in this workbook can be used with the individual or with groups.

ISBN: 978-1534889316 
Soft Cover: 180 pages

About These Workbooks

Activities 1-4: These activities will help you identify what substance abuse looks like, understanding ways we hide this from ourselves if it becomes a problem, and learning about alternatives that are critical to an awareness that things may need to change.

Activities 5-6: These activities you will identify problems associated with alcohol and other drug use, which is not as easy as it sounds. Often, we tend to minimize these problems, or if they don’t occur too often, we may not even associate them with substance abuse at all. But if you take the time to identify the problems it has caused and you find you can live without those problems, then these activities will benefit you.

Activities 7-10: These activities are aimed at recognizing “triggers”, or things that tweak our interest to drink or drug. This is an important part of finding out why we continue to use these substances despite some negative consequences. It also encourages us to look at what life without alcohol and other drugs would be like.

Activities 11-13: These activities we will assess how well we treat and take care of ourselves, how we deal with stress, and how well we interact with others. These activities will help us know what we need to work on to become more efficient and effective people.

Activities 14-16: These activities will help you define the ethical standards by which you live. This is one of many ways of looking at spirituality. You assess where you have been, where you are going, and understanding what got you here.

Activities 17-19: Finally, these activities will help you with your map of recovery. Identifying, building, and using a support network can make your success and obstacles much easier to manage.
Better Choices To Sobriety
First Step To Better Choices
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